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Paper trading the commodities and futures markets might be one of the best ways to get trading experience without putting any of your money at risk. Most new traders ... you begin paper trading. If you don't, do some research, learn as much as you can about trading, and then devise a plan with your particular goals in mind.
STRONGIN S./PETSCH M. (2001): Managing Risk in Hostile Markets, Goldman Sachs Global Commodity Research, Mai 2001 . STONGIN S. (2001 ): Energy Drives Diversification Benefits, Goldman Sachs Commodities Research, Juli 2001. TILL, H. (2000): Passive Strategies in the Commodity Futures Markets,
This paper — a product of the International Trade Division, Policy Research Department — is part of a larger effort in th department to explore the role of commodities as assets. ... Satyanarayan and Varangis analyze the benefits of including commodity futures and assets from emerging markets in an investment portfolio.
revious research suggests that long-only portfolios of commodity futures have had average returns similar to the S&P 500. Index. Examples of such research are Bodie and Rosansky's (1980) analysis of an equally weighted paper portfolio of commodity futures from 1949 to 1976 and Gorton and Rouwenhorst's. (2006; see
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Sanders D. R., Irwin S. H., 2011b, “The Impact of Index Funds in Commodity Futures Markets: A Systems Approach.” Journal ... Policy Research working paper 1266, World Bank, March. Scherer ... 98–109. Scherer B., He L., 2008, “The Diversification Benefits of Commodity Futures Indexes: A Mean-Variance Spanning Test.
Bodie Z (1983) Commodity futures as a hedge against inflation. J Portfolio Manage 12–17 Bose S (2008) Commodity futures market in India: a study of trends in the notional multi-commodity indices. Money ... Working paper, Departamento de Economía de la Empresa Georgiev G (2001) Benefits of commodity investing.
The Office of the Chief Economist produces original research papers on a broad range of topics relevant to the CFTC's mandate to foster open, transparent, .... Participation levels by class can vary widely across futures contracts, with end-users/corporates having a much larger presence in physical commodities and others,
research reports the diversification benefits when adding individual commodity indices or futures to a traditional portfolio ... In this study, we examined the out-of-sample diversification benefits of commodities to a stock-bond portfolio, using ... The authors have the full responsibility of the contents in this paper. Nicoline Heier

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